3 Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening in Greenwood IN


Do you find yourself frequently covering your smile or laugh when you’re in public? You may be suffering from poor self-confidence from discomfort with your smile.


It’s important to keep in mind that most stains on your teeth are temporary. Although many people try to use whitening strips purchased at the drugstore, there are many benefits to in-office whitening that you may not have considered.


Read on for the top three benefits of in-office teeth whitening in Greenwood, IN!


Faster Results 

One of the main benefits of in-office teeth whitening is that you’ll see visible results faster. Depending on the level of whitening you choose, you can see results in as little as an hour.


Even though products you buy at the store may be less expensive, you’ll need to use multiple strips throughout the span of a week or more in order to see results that are just as dramatic.


Predictable and Safe  

When it comes to in-office teeth whitening, you get to choose how white you want your teeth to look after the procedure. A bleaching gel that’s applied to your teeth and activated with light is also easier for dentists to achieve predictable and consistent results, as customizable trays are made for your teeth versus a one-size-fits-all product.


Products purchased in stores are also forced to use a low dose so that consumers don’t harm their teeth or gums. However, your hygienist is skilled at covering your gums and lips so that you don’t harm your soft tissue or experience major tooth sensitivity.


Confidence Boost 

Last but not least, you’ll experience a boost in confidence when you receive in-office teeth whitening. The reason for this is that the results can be dramatic–you may only need one visit in order to achieve the level of whitening you want.


Once the procedure is over, you can continue with the rest of your day and social engagements with ease. Beyond some mild tooth sensitivity, there is no other pain.


Boost Your Confidence With In-Office Teeth Whitening in Greenwood IN


Overall, getting your teeth whitening in the dentist's office is quicker, safer, and more reliable compared to the products you can purchase at stores.


Hygienists are also familiar with teeth whitening, so they’ll be able to apply the bleaching agent in your teeth and cover your gums and lips so that you don’t experience as much sensitivity or pain.  

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