Your Pediatric Dentists in Greenwood Provide Child-Centric Care


Pediatric dentistry is an essential aspect of any child's healthcare. From pacifier habits to baby bottle tooth decay and infant feeding practices, there is an immense amount of knowledge that your pediatric dentist can impart to you to give you peace of mind and tools to help you keep your child's teeth healthy.  


When Do Children Need to Start Seeing the Dentist?  


According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), parents should take their children to the dentist within the first six months of their teeth coming in, or at 12 months at the latest. This is because we can determine whether your child's teeth are growing and developing properly. The first visit to our dental office is also all about getting to know you and your children. We'll answer any question you may have and provide you with knowledge and helpful tips on how to keep your children's teeth sparkling and healthy throughout their lives.  


How Can You Help Children With Fear of the Dentist?  


Fear of the dentist can be a significant deterrent to taking your child to the dentist at the right time. However, you can prepare them ahead of time by talking about the dentist and what to expect, reading them books about the dentist, or even playing dentist and patient. Fortunately, pediatric dentists are also able to help children feel more comfortable through friendly personalities, patience, and a fun, colorful environment where children feel safe in.  


If you're ready to schedule your appointment with pediatric dentists in Greenwood who truly care, call Fairview Family Dental at (317) 887-0888 today – we can't wait to meet you! 


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