Composite Fillings

If you're suffering from a cavity, Dr. Talus will work to remove the decayed portion from your tooth and fill it with the proper material for what's called a filling. The two most common types of fillings are composite fillings and amalgam fillings, which our Southside Indianapolis dentists offer. To protect your smile from further damage, it's important to have the decay removed from your teeth and treated with a filling.
A composite filling is also known as a tooth colored fillings used to match the natural color of your teeth to blend in with the rest of your smile. This durable material protects small and medium cavities and involves removing less of the tooth than you normally would during an amalgam filling. Amalgam is more for advanced cavities and has a silver look to it. While they don't aesthetically blend with your natural tooth colored, they are a strong material to protect your smile.
What are Composite Fillings Used For?
• Cavity, which is a decayed tooth
• Minor chipped or broken teeth
• Decreasing a small gap between two teeth
How a Composite Filling is Done
After we've numbed the area where the filling will be placed, we'll remove the decayed portions of the tooth. We'll apply a substance that opens up the pores of your teeth to create a stronger bond, which will then be hardened and cured with a special light. Once this is finished, we'll apply the filling in thin layers to form the complete filling. Once the composite material has hardened, we'll smooth the filling material and polish it to be comfortable and properly fit your bite.
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